Advertising: Krug’s le cabinet de curiosités global ad campaign for LVMH’s uber luxury champagne krug

unlock your treasures by graydon carter, editor of vanity fair graydon carter had served krug at his wedding prior to this campaign

unlock your treasures by david lynch, director of mulholland drive

unlock your treasures by jean nouvel, winner of the pritzker prize for architecture

unlock your treasures by anjelica huston, actress, goddess, mother in the darjeeling limited, the film by wes anderson–anjelica had her first taste of krug with her father, john huston, in ireland

unlock your treasures by buzz aldrin, pilot of first manned lunar landing on apollo 11

the ultimate celebrity campaign is one that is about the work and achievements that made the person a celebrity, not the mere facade or the physical self. this campaign created by ceft and company portrays each one of these amazing people through their work and passions in life, opening a door to an intimate side of each that only krug has access to. (all ambassadors were selected and contacted through ceft and company and its partners). the krug campaign created by the agency won the prestigious gold award at the world luxury awards in monaco. you can view behind the scenes film or view all work related to this project.