for further information please browse the following sections to familiarize yourself with ceft and company, in order to determine the right place for your inquiry. each section is patented to simplify your search, and assist in answering questions as they pertain to you. thank you.

ceft and company new york
150 varick street, ninth floor, innovations dept.
new york, new york 10013, U.S.A

+1 212 625-2004

client inquiries e-mail here

thank you for your interest in ceft and company. we look forward to hearing from you and discussing your potential needs. ceft and company has worked with clients in europe, asia and the U.S. in the following genres: fashion, sportswear, premium beverages, luxury hotels, automotive, beauty, fragrances, accessories, entertainment, music, electronics, consumer goods, publications, television networks, luxury furniture, wine and spirits, architecture and premium bath fixtures to name a few.


artists + representatives e-mail here

thank you for your interest in ceft and company.

IMPORTANT: please feel free to email us your website or sample jpegs. all emails will be viewed. if appropriate, we will contact you to arrange and setup an appointment. please be sure to use the correct email address to avoid being tagged as junk. please refrain from sending us printed promotions, as they are directly forwarded to the recycling bins.


we are constantly in search of tomorrow’s talents and urge our clients to cross-pollinate with other disciplines from the world of architecture, art, theater, dance and design. while we continue to collaborate with some of the fashion industry’s prominent names such as terry richardson, glen luchford, joe mckenna, karen collins, solve sundsbo, guido mocafico, ellen von unwerth, camilla akrans, venetia scott and barnaby roper, we also source artists, writers, designers and other talents such as ryan mcginley, graydon carter, tristan eaton, faile, dennis darzacq, yves behar, tristan bechet, jean nouvel, alife, neckface, giorgio deluca, and phil windser & ben towill.

if you are interested in future collaborations with ceft and company, we encourage you to send us links or samples of your work; if appropriate, we will surely contact you to arrange a meeting.

partners + vendors e-mail here

thank you for your interest in ceft and company. our modular structure thrives on establishing solid partners like you. while we have secured a long standing list of partners we continue to consider and seek expansions and new ventures. what we look for, is a passionate approach to your specific craft and a clear sense of  pride in the end product.


our partnerships have included; construction companies, auction houses, manufacturers, production companies, printers, multimedia companies, model makers, music entertainment companies, caterers, casting agents, media companies, film studios, law firms, re-touchers, editing/motion houses, concert lighting experts, specialty venues, digital media labs, interactive development companies, modern material manufacturers, paper companies and architecture firms.

internships e-mail here

thank you for your interest in an internship with ceft and company. ceft and company has a unique work ethic, instilling a very specific process of training in both thought and immaculate execution. at this time, we’ll ask you to reconsider your decision to apply, and look elsewhere. if you truly want to continue, we are looking for passionate individuals, especially those who take pride in their work. our internship and training program is rigorous and can truly be thought off as an additional degree. you will receive great rewards here, but will be asked to enter with only one principle possession: love. that is love for knowledge and the work and craft at hand. while your work and experience matter, this will truly stand above all else.


we take on a limited number of interns from time to time. you are welcome to submit your resume and must include links or samples of your work for consideration. we will review every entry and will only contact you if appropriate.

Basic Skills:

passion is a must, CS5-CS6 indesign, CS5-CS6 photoshop, MS excel, MS word

Complimentary Skills:

CS5-CS6 (PS, AI, ID, DW, FL, AE, BR) html5, css3, php, javascript, action script, wordpress, final cut pro, pro-tools, digital SLR knowledge, book making

Preferred Assets:

common sense, organization, knowledge of film, passion for contemporary art, awareness of fashion and street culture, interest in music, world traveler, multilingual, culinary interest, good taste and in short, a passion for life.

job opportunities e-mail here

ceft and company has a unique work ethic, requiring a very specific process of training in both thought and immaculate execution.



full-time staff is generally through select references or full-time hires from our trained internship program; however, you are welcome to submit your resume and work for review.


freelance opportunities do exist in auxiliary tasks; however, are always led by ceft and company staff. you are welcome to submit your resume and work for review.

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