COVID19: the new “new wave”! innovative ways to get things done

remote contact-less shoot (un-retouched BTS)

the new “new wave” is the ability to get results in the most challenging of times. from mobile formatted decks, multimedia zoom presentations, remote contact-less shoots, to sourcing available manufacturers during the pandemic, we have managed to supply our clients with their marketing needs. we have in our own way been able to continue the work that we do without losing sight of the immense power of collaborations. certainly it has been different, however we found new ways to continue our work with the same passion and attention to detail that has come to represent the legacy of our work at ceft and company.

vertical format – mobile optimized presentation deck

small crew remote photoshoots

difficult times throughout history have often generated innovative ways of doing things. from art, to literature, and global industries, change has been the force that moves us all forward. we can resist it, we can moan about it, but change is the inevitable outcome and it should be welcomed and wrangled to fuel creativity.

sustainable packaging design and production sourced via new zealand, china and the U.S.

our vast connections with premium talent allows us to reach out and create content under the toughest of circumstances. having photographers who live with their model partners was a life saver for us and our clients during this lock-down which has affected everyone across the world. using animators and editors to create non-physical moving visuals allowed us to use illustration and animation to tell the stories we were tasked within the confines of the pandemic.

animated clips and gifs

it has been different, it has sometimes been more time consuming, but the end results speak for themselves. new ways of achieving connections between people even when we are all isolated.

social media content creation when we need it most

the LO-FI generation of website design

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moving images for social channels and digital screens

we would like to thank all of our staff and partners in helping us find new original ways to bring about a “new wave” of creativity. thank you. for more information or to see how we can creatively address your current challenges, simply reach out to us for an introductory appointment.