ceft and company was created in 2003. it was conceived as a creative lab structured to solve communication and marketing challenges without the limits imposed by preconceived mediums that generally limit traditional agencies. our philosophy has always been that the solution should dictate the medium. building upon that, ceft and company, by design, was created NOT to be an advertising agency, nor a product design firm, nor a digital agency, nor an event agency; yet, we have provided all of that and more when relevant.


ceft and company is a true embodiment of what a 360º agency should be. the company was created not to duplicate yet another agency, but because what was desperately needed did not exist… a singular voice-thread through all forms of communication.

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our modular structure:


our modular structure and strategic partnerships have ensured the efficiency of our operations and the vastness of our capabilities. this approach, accompanied by our immaculate visual vocabulary has won us a purely word-of-mouth client base, numerous awards and a distinctive list of quintessential and international brands.

our house-style:

there is no house-style at ceft and company. as a matter of principle, we frown upon “house-styles,” trends, and even the use of fashion as a surface tool. if there is any observable style amongst projects, it is purely a result of solutions from specific ideas. each character and each brand should have its own set of nuances, memories, cues, secrets and intricacies. our role, first and foremost, is to understand, and only then to excavate the most relevant aspects, and transcend them for future generations to appreciate.

the right match?

is ceft and company the right match for you? the answer is yes… and no. we please our clients, not by unconditionally doing what we’re told, but by producing relevant work with results. if you are looking for a “partner” that will challenge your expectations and treat your brand, budget, and success as if it was their own, then the answer is yes. however, if you are looking for a “yes-sir vendor” that will treat any project by the size of its invoice, then the answer is no.


if you are still reading this then we may indeed be a match made in heaven. given the advantages of our modular structure, no client is ever too small or too big. we have worked with multinational corporations and small start ups. our sole requirement for incoming clients and projects is that they are challenging and will remain open to new ideas. this attitude has attracted clients from a rather broad spectrum; everything from sports apparel companies (nike) to hotels (starwood), from luxury fashion houses (fendi) to liquor companies such as (hennessy & krug), from automotive corporations (jaguar) to home furnishing (toto), from consumer goods (target) to luxury cosmetics (nars).

about the founder

ucef hanjani gathered his extensive experience from international publications such as número, soma and big; in addition to his role as creative director for multinational advertising agencies such as oglivy & mather and kirshenbaum bond & partners. he also collaborated on special projects with TBWA chiat-day, publicis, and JWT. while there, he worked on renowned leading accounts such as jaguar, LVMH, target, rolex, lancome, IBM and the like.


hanjani’s aim has always been to intertwine the semblance of fashion with the world of advertising, to interject strategy and thought into alluring visuals, and to append desire into strategic communication.

how we work

ceft and company was created not because we too wanted an agency, but because the agency we believed was needed didn’t exist. in other words, we wanted a think-tank with muscle, able to produce just about anything. it is perhaps too forward to say that ceft and company “is like no other agency” or that it is “a rare pearl” unless of course such words were uttered by others, such as the executives of nike and LVMH.

we indeed do see ourselves as different, not better or worse, but different. we are different in the way we approach challenges. traditionally, no matter what the goal, an advertising agency would sell you an ad campaign, and a digital agency would sell you a digital campaign. our creative lab has been asked to consult with architects, become a spokesperson for a brand, create products, advise on merchandise to be carried, name products, create identity and packaging, secure brand-ambassadors, design and produce events, advise on sponsorship, consult rock bands, and position products on a global scale. we have done all of this, and produced numerous award-winning ads and digital programs.

dream project

our dream project would be a partnership with a start up brand where we are assigned to handle all creative assets. we would strategically work with the brand to create all its related elements from the brand’s identity to its future goals.


find us a project where every aspect of the brand can be managed under the same direction, from its naming and identity to its spaces, its product, its services, and finally its communication…


ceft and company – a new york based creative agency


remi fritsch

business director and director of bespoke

berluti, paris – france

“ucef has an outstanding understanding of brand dna’s and founding stories, as well as a natural affinity with luxury brands. a strategic thinker, he brings tremendous value in early stages of brand strategy work. he is also able to source remarkable talent for implementing it – both within ceft and company and outside. he excels at running the creation, production and execution phases. he is extremely reliable, reactive, and communicative with his client. his seniority and expertise allow him to understand his clients p&l, objectives, and his creative talents are always geared towards clients r.o.i.”


david olsen

vice president, global beauty

net-a-porter, new york – usa

“What are the business goals of this creative project?” He and his team are the rare combination of creative minds with R.O.I at the forefront of the execution. They don’t just put up something amazing in a timely and professional manner and consider budgets, but they also create amazing work with return and business goals consistently top of mind questioning the need for certain elements all along the way. The results speak for themselves and our entire business was blown away! I look forward to working with him again and highly recommend his company for anyone interested in the services they offer.”


sabina belli

director of image and innovation

LVMH brands, paris – france

“…(at LVMH) we believe that luxury is also about art de vivre, culture, style, rituals, elegance, taste and an obsessional attention to details. we share these same values with ucef hanjani and his team. our collaboration is not only based on a great intellectual alchemy, but it is also based on a similar way to look at the world. ucef thinks big and his creative work is equally grand.”


“my lunch with nigel powell”

chief communications officer

nike, portland – usa

“…unfortunately nike’s policy is not to write testimonials unless it is agreed as part of a major negotiation / purchase. however i can take you out to lunch!”


diane kim

senior vice president, global marketing

estee lauder companies, new york – usa

“we’ve hired ucef on a few different occasions to assist on creative development for several of our fashion designer brands. the work he delivered was on brand, well informed, curated and articulated. ucef is a great pleasure to work with — a business minded creative professional with a high sensibility.”


glen luchford

fashion director / photographer

international man of mystery

“…i have worked with ucef and his team for more than ten years now. the projects are always challenging and the team works in a dedicated way. the work ethic is always the same…(with) attention to detail…from the first concept to the last precise detail of the post production.”


natacha dzikowski

director of advertising and marketing

christian dior, paris – france

“…ceft and company is much more than a creative agency. it’s a creative lab that invents new territories and new languages which have an enduring effect on brands. in ceft and company I found “une perle rare” —ucef hanjani is a creative director who is a genius strategist and can think outside of traditional advertising. each time i am impressed not only by the strength of the ideas and the quality of the execution but also by the ability ceft and company has to work in a 360° approach under pressure.”


julia goldin

global chief marketing officer

revlon, new york – usa

“ucef has a truly unique combination of global cultural sensitivity, divine aesthetic and strategic creativity. he was a great partner in building aspirational, visionary creative communication for the Charlie brand as he was able to holistically embrace all touch points of the brand, from packaging to product innovation to communication and brand experience. he is passionately committed to his projects and the overall commercial success of the brand which makes him a great partner.”


hiroko kawasaki


HK production, tokyo – japan

“…i have had the pleasure of working with ucef for many years. he possesses such a passion for his work and always strives for excellence and perfection despite the ever- present budgetary restrictions we face in this industry. he is not only a wonderfully artistic professional whose work is always to the satisfaction of his clients, but i am pleased to also call him my personal friend who i will continue to know for many years to come.”


bertrand steip

business development director

moët & chandon, new york – usa

“…ceft and company has worked as a great partner, not only answering to moët & chandon briefs with a great sense of luxury and style, but also engaging in fantastic “challenge and build” exercises when they were exposed to our strategies. this led to implement truly innovative initiatives that maximized the effectiveness of our communication investments.”


adelaide sharples

marketing director UK and international

revlon, london – england

“ucef and his team at ceft and company have applied their natural affinity with the fragrance category, their outstanding understanding of brands and exemplary creative skills to a major repositioning and brand identity program. throughout, the appreciation of commercial needs and rigorous focus on delivery has been critical to success. i look forward to having the opportunity to work with Ucef again – his bold vision and keen engagement makes the work a pleasure.”


ceft and company is not only an international award winning agency, its founder and creative director ucef hanjani has judged many international award shows including the world luxury awards in monaco. below are just some of the awards bestowed upon the agency, for its exceptionally creative, and fiscally proven results.

ceft and company has been awarded the following: the obie for best in show, obie for best campaign, obie for best outdoor, effie award for effectiveness in marketing communications, art directors club annual award, san francisco show 8’s editoral award, san francisco show 9’s advertising award, APG gold, clio, RAC, graphis gold award for identity development, SXSW interactive finalist, world luxury award gold in both 2009 for best advertising, and again 2011 for best use of digital media.