Digital: Havoc second screen ipad app, UI and UX development


second screen app designed by ceft and company: identity, design, UI and UX in partnership with new york digital labs.


setting screen displays user credentials and badges as well as user entered info. frequent users earn badges that gives committed users control and power on what the network broadcasts.


the second screen app is synced to the program station and displays; what has played, what is playing and what is in the programs que to play. the users can vote, based on their status, and invite others to vote, in order to alter what will play next.


power votes are earned. frequent users have priority and more power over what is playing next on the station.

“chat” allows online users to comment and share information, stats, etc. related to the current or upcoming content.


pulling down the custom info curtains allows viewers to access a range of valuable information on the currently aired program. the elegant “color bar/curtain solution” allows users to access a large array of content, all of which is streamed to the app, live, corresponding to the content being broadcasted.


for example above when the program airs a special show, or focuses (in this example) on an athlete, his facebook feed will be streamed into the app during his air time. other curtains contain additional info. for example below images of the athlete are being pulled from google.


the curtain content can be customized based on what the station or the program directors choose. for example imagine watching Wimbledon and being able to not only read historic facts on the sport, pulling in instagrams channels of  your favorite player, but also being able to view and purchase the tennis gear and outfits used or worn by the athletes, right there-and-then. simply swipe the yellow color bar, which can be programed to pull information or display a chosen page of the manufacturers website.

ceft-and-company_havoc-interactive-design 3

havoc 247 is an interactive music and action sports television network based in california that offers interactivity to its viewers. users can view the program schedule and effect the sequence of videos/shows by actively voting on their chosen selections. the app offers a myriad of information that can be customized based on the networks needs, allowing viewers to browse relevant information and media related to the various subjects playing on the screen. users are encouraged to browse social media channels of the subject, retrieve background information feed through wikipedia, access tour dates when applicable, and even purchase albums, merchandise, tickets and related materials when offered by the brand sponsors or artist. view all work for digital.