digital: scent for good e-commerce website

scent for good website

branding, packaging design, content creation, web design, UI UX and programing of the scent for good e-commerce website by ceft and company new york.

scent for good launched its brand during the pandemic with its flagship scented hand sanitizer, and scented face mask spray.

you can call them idealists, but they believe they can change the conversation around health. with scent for good’s proprietary fragrance accord, they transform feelings of anxiety, fear and discomfort present during health care experiences to moments of safety, comfort and wellness.

ceft and company ideated and created a series of animated vignettes, working with dutch illustrator ferdinand van alphen and engaging a separate animator to create his first animated pieces, the agency created a distinctive “world” for the brand that is at once welcoming and at the same time sophisticated and luxe.

the website was based on a shopify plus back-end with custom designed pages to manage the time and cost of the launch site for this start up company.

to create the feel and smooth transitions, the website was programed in a “responsive” system to allow flexibility on desktop, tablet and mobile. while “adaptive” designs generally load faster than “responsive” ones we had to assess the low weight of the content in relation to the over all experience of the user to reach a conclusion.

knowing the importance of mobile it was a key strategy from its inception that the website would be design from mobile backwards to the desktop, insuring the best user experience on the mobile platform.

please also review the packaging and identity work created by ceft and company new york for this client to understand the holistic approach of the agency to the projects that require such over all assistance. view all work for scent for good.