DIGITAL: double eleven sustainable wear website

digital work for “double eleven” sustainable wear

double eleven’s founder, nathan bogle is a familiar face in and well-acquainted with the fashion industry. he boasts a decades long career as a designer and one of the original co-founders of rag & bone.

with his double eleven venture, the english native is utilizing his extensive knowledge to build a label that champions responsible design. prioritizing sustainability by creating garments using up-cycled vintage and deadstock fabrics, bogle’s line combines fashion and function without any of the waste.

ceft and company worked closely with double eleven’s founder in the production and art direction of the collections photoshoot (with fashion photographer karen collins). the agency subsequently designed the double eleven website’s landing page as well as the beautifully printed collection look book.


double eleven line is available for sale on the double eleven website and mr. porter website

Each jacket is unique due to their individual journeys, markings and usages across the years. double eleven lined them with a quilted designer deadstock silk for extra warmth. the entire process of cutting, sewing and making happened around their atelier on 39th street in manhattan, new york.

the only ‘new’ items are the buttons and labels.

the whole concept of the “one of one” collection was to illustrate that when textiles (and clothing) are made well, they last – hence why the vintage market even exists today.

the look book designed by ceft and company in its digital form

the concept capsule line was printed in this limited wonderful loose leaf booklet which was also presented digitally on the website.

entirely constructed using deadstock and vintage textiles “this used to be a parachute”

 we love this very rare brushstroke camo print from 1956 (and it’s a reversible to a beautiful olive green color). these half tents were gathering dust in a warehouse in maine. double eleven repurposed them and gave them a 2nd life. limited numbers made of these due to the rarity of the cloth, still available at mr. porter in select sizes.

double eleven field jacket 1 of 1 on mr. porter website $1,595

visual from the photoshoot shown here helped create a cohesive feed on social channels

Nathan is not only a client to us at ceft and company but also an old friend with a beautiful heart… “with the world where it is today, the imminent climate change dangers and human rights issues, my real hope is that through beautiful product, intelligent design and relatable ethics, we are able to contribute markedly to moving the needle towards a healthier future for our industry, people and planet.” – nathan bogle

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