event design and production: compilation video

view the full ice sculpture installation here.

this compilation of our work includes a few of ceft and company’s collaborations with nike, LVMH, pepsi, nars along with other international brands. the diversity in each production or event is as eclectic as the challenges we were presented with. if there is an overarching sense of “style” in the collection of work, then it is purely coincidental, as our aim is never “style” but rather substance.

view the full nike rockstar installation here.

above image is from the nike dance event in nyc with choreographer jamie king. ceft and company secured the space, designed the space, and handled production to build out the space including the stage, the lighting, projections and the sound system.

making order out of chaos. the many pieces that must come together; properly, in a timely manner, and effectively.

the serena williams US open event in new york. view all work related to events.