collateral: hennessy cognac – what does it take to get your advert on an album cover?


our outdoor advertising campaign was not only embraced by the bar-hoping, club-going, public – but it was also appropriated on a cover of an electronic compilation CD album.

“vegetarian. man-eater. appropriately complex. hennessy cognac.”


we couldn’t have paid for something better than this!

so what does it take to get your advert on an album cover? in our case, nothing! this compilation of music titled “N.Y. lounge – one night on broadway” (which by the way can still be purchased online) was picked up in paris at fnac, while the campaign was still running. neither us nor our client, hennessy cognac, had anything to do with this coincidence, it just happened organically because they felt the image was cool enough to front their compilation. we couldn’t ask for anything more! this did more for the brand than any ad could possibly do, and it cost, to be accurate, zero dollars. when something is done right and hits a nerve with the core audience, it takes on a life of its own.

the compilation included music by artists such as nebo, thievery corporation, boozoo bajou, jazzmatazz, and alkemx. this was the result of just one of the many pieces in the alternative media campaign designed for hennessy. view all work related to this project.