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UROK uses music + art to change the way we look at mental health awareness.

an inside look into the process of the logo and identity design by ceft and company new york for UROK foundation. UROK founded by marvin scott jarrett (co-founder and former editor of nylon magazine and raygun), is a non for profit organization working to raise awareness for mental health through music and art.

identity branding design agency NYC urok

the process: initial design recommendations taking inspiration from music + art.

urok foundation design agency

creating this logo, demanded a thought process that took inspiration all the way from historic album covers to pop art.

identity logo design agency urok

primal screams sixth studio album cover, XTRMNTR live released on 31 january 2000.

marvin jarrett’s key source of inspiration stems from music. one of the references was the scottish rock band, primal scream (above). stripping the album cover to unleash a base for the official UROK logo, we arrived at a simple but utilitarian logo that resembled the language of the punk (clash) and the rock genre.

the clash and their iconic military style graphics.

urok logo design yellow

the final logo in UROK yellow over black.

urok identity design creative agency font work

UROK yellow base with black logo.

urok foundation influencer pop up pr agency nyc



urok logo black and white

urok logo design grey

typography design creative agency type primary type solutions urok black hoodie design agency

ceft and company designed various merchandise including hoodies, baseball hats and t-shirts as UROK merch.

urok foundation grey hoodie design urok hat merch design agency  urok tshirt product design agency

(left) supermodel and UROK committee member, angela lindvall.

urok foundation exclusive event agency guests angela lindvall marvin jarrett

(right) UROK founder marvin jarrett in his UROK t-shirt at the UROK event at dream hotel. 

pop up event NYC LA justin prentice annika pampel

(left) actors justin prentice and annika pampel at the UROK event. (right) american actress and singer, liv keegan.

urok hat white merch design

urok foundation tshirt product design

the UROK foundation has hosted multiple events to raise awareness for mental health in LA. 

Urok Event Lola Debney angela lindvall fashion celebrity events

(left) UROK founder- marvin jarrett, supermodel angela lindvall, and actor phoenix stone. (right) singer gabe roland dynamic performance at the UROK benefit.

urok event celebrity pr agency guestlist los angeles benefit

some of the lovely guests showing their support for the UROK foundation art & photography fundraising event. 

marvin scott jarrett jaclynn jarrett PR event

(left) jaclynn and marvin jarrett. (right) singer and songwriter katie welch.

influencer event agency LA scott lipps model lexi atkins marvin jarrett

model lexi atkins, scott lipps, and UROK founder, marvin jarrett, showing their support at the highlight room dream hotel in LA.

influencer agency nyc hailey lautenbach celebrity guest maty noyes

influencer hailey lautenbach and friend enjoying cupcakes by magnolia bakery, and a special performance by singer maty noyes at the dream hollywood hotel in LA. 

urok foundation brand experience dj tiana verhagen dj nyc

DJ tiana verhagen spinning for the night.

engaging the entire music and entertainment industry behind the cause, UROK foundation aims to host live concerts and events in cities around the world—from london to los angeles—creating awareness for mental health, while making great music at the same time. although UROK is a teen and young adult targeted movement, we believe that music + art is a universal healer and a bridge for people of all ages to join this discussion, and creating a brighter future for everyone. view all our non-profit related work.