press: jawbone visuals by ceft and company in british GQ


what’s great about jawbone is that its practicality is more than backed up by its visual appeal; it is designed to look and feel like a piece of jewellry or eyewear.”

ceft and company’s collaboration with jawbone produced certain visuals like the one above.  these visuals were created to be offered exclusively to high-end style magazines that we saw fit to accentuate the beauty and precision of jawbone products. although we knew the images had to be ‘interesting’ and ‘different’ to boost the chances of publication, no one ever imagined receiving a full page image in such a prestigious and widely distributed magazine as GQ. the shots are proof that with a bit of artistry and planning, anything is possible. according to yves behar, founder of jawbone, “if it’s not beautiful, it doesn’t belong on your face.” view all work related to this project.