strategy/positioning: marni fragrance launch




ceft and company was commissioned by estee lauder for the positioning and a three-year launch plan for marni fragrances. the select group of women who wear marni are distinct individuals, and their perfume should reflect that. thus the project entailed brand study, consumer insight, and positioning development. the deliverables included launch ideas that translated into visual communication, as well as physical “packaging”, if one can call it that? being a chic but playful brand, it was important that the idea of each perfume’s story was carried out accordingly, containing wit, individuality, and a sense of surprise. the notion that a fashion house would produce fragrances disguised as accessories was at the heart of the positioning statement and the work included a brand thread that was developed in order to maintain cohesiveness across the three stages of launch.

unfortunately, we are not at liberty to share the entire work at this time.