product/package design: moda operandi

ribbon and drawer shoe box

magnetic base makes the boxes stackable and stable

shopping bags.

jewelry or accessory box.

jewelry bag.

luxury wooden hangers.

logo and identity design.

logo-marked monogrammed packing tissue.

fabric garment bags with monogram and leather zipper accent tabs.

boxes and packaging design.

press kit and identity folder.

suede shoe cloth.

moda operandi is a members-only online luxury destination dreamed up by CEO and icelandic magician aslaug magnusdottir and co-founder, american vogue editor and socialitelauren santo-domingo. the website allows users to pre-order looks from top US and european labels before they become available in stores. ceft and company was consulted at the birth of the brand, and engaged as an adviser in the naming process before getting involved in the creation of the logo and identity. a full line of packaging was designed for the brand along with a visual language and patterns that were used for the site. view all work related to this project.