press: nike be free featured my modern met


“there is theme of ease and freedom”.

“let’s get light on our feet! for their spring/summer collection, nike released a new ad campaign be free by paris-based art photographer denis darzacq and director barnaby roper that shows how women’s training apparel and footwear can be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. the photos show women floating through the air, free from their confined spaces that athletic garments and shoes typically place them in.

in their words, nike’s wants to “lift women into an elevated state, so they can be free.” there is a theme of ease and freedom, one that is portrayed through levitation, much like the natsumi hayashi or the girl who love to levitate. freedom is powerful, and it is best acknowledged when we can effortlessly defy gravity.”

‘my modern metropolis,’ a website where those enthusiastic about all genres of art can connect with each other, featured a wonderful write-up on ceft and company’s collaboration with nike on their be free campaign. focusing on the message that women can do anything, including defy gravity, the ‘levitation series’ features photographs by art photographer denis darzacq and director barnaby roper. view all work related to this project.