BTS: nike rockstar event with jamie king at the dia new york

nike new york event: space design above and collateral below

as one of nike’s creative agencies, ceft and company has worked with nike on a range of projects including the event for the launch of nike’s dance apparel. nike embarked on the creation of the “rock star workout”, a workout routine that would change gym-routines forever. the moves were created by choreographer jamie king (who has been working with madonna¬†since 1996, including choreographing the famed “hung up” music video).

the location and the final stage, designed by ceft and company, had to address nike’s demand for an event that is special, chic, and relevant to opinion leaders. in order to achieve this,¬†ceft and company secured the DIA art center. the event required concert lighting and a massive sound system which was absent from the space, ceft and company worked with cedar lake to create the lighting, projections, PA and sound design under supervision of ceft and company’s creative director ucef hanjani.

the stage was designed with consideration for jamie king’s plans and choreography that required a smaller mid-stage where the dancers could reappear and enter the main stage.

 jamie also showed his genius by utilizing the curved edges of the stage and incorporating them into the dancers routine during the final rehearsal.


as an added bonus, while we were still putting the final touches on the space, madonna herself made an unannounced candid visit to her friend and partner in crime, jamie king. madonna casually walked in and after a kiss sat down to watch jamie’s rehearsal which she greeted with applause.

time is of the essence; although weeks of work went into designing and planning the event, the space was prepped and built in a single day. the following day the opening was greeted by a frenzy of press and an evening of special guests, all to be broken down soon after the event ended, culminating in a total of three days and two sleepless nights! view all work related to this project.