mobile app: nike be free ipad/iphone app development

the two iphone and ipad apps were developed for nike by ceft and company to showcase the SS2011 line up and technology in an entertaining, informative and yet emotional manner. in addition, a limited number of ipads were customized and programmed by ceft and company to be shared with key editors around the globe. that included the landing page, which is viewed upon activation of the ipad (above).

upon entry, the screen was customized and simplified with the words “be free”. the only app icons present were the two ipad apps developed by ceft and company, bracing on each side of the settings icon in the doc shown above.

the first app allowed the viewer to browse the collection, photographed by french art photographer denis darzacq, by simply turning each page in a digital magazine format. details such as print through were used to give the piece a more realistic, analog feel.

in phase two of the apps, the user will be able to click on each item to read about the technologies and details on the manufacturing of patented techniques as well as using social media to allow the items to be shared and posted online.

the second app allowed the user to view the film directed by british photographer barnaby roper (nowness, show studio, new york times t magazine…). the film, produced and realized by ceft and company, showcased original music created for nike by iconic NY post punk group, the services, co-founder tristan bichet. view all work related to this project.