collateral: special invitation for nike’s maria sharapova event



sent to an exclusive list of fashion editors, this curious object was intended to be noticed in a pile of invites at vogue and other fashion publications. it is an invite like no other; by way of weight, size, and finish. elegantly handwritten and visibly exclusive, the invitation’s request was to meet tennis starlet maria sharapova at an intimate dinner and learn about maria’s double life.

one side of the story was being the lovely, beautiful and charming “maria the fashion lover”. the other, being the serious athlete that she is. the unusual invite brought in at least four times as many guests as nike had initially anticipated. the RSVP was so successful, nike extended the engagement to accommodate the interested parties and brought back a multitude of articles on the topic.


the piece was designed and produced by ceft and company utilizing matte foil stamped and letter pressed note cards, completed with india-ink hand calligraphy and attached with silk rope onto the acrylic casein box that contained the custom die and printed tennis balls. the unusual design was featured in a range of international publications and award books.  view all work related to this project.