mobile app: nike supernatural women iPad app development


the digital book for nike functioned as an animated turn-page booklet with social media features.


the HTML4 version of the campaign could be viewed on iOS devices.


the full-screen feature placed the image front-and-center with functionality appearing as a hidden bar at the base.


info button at the bottom left revels specs on the apparel, as well as a link to an e-comm site.


the info capsules contained the name and key technology features, while the paragraph on the left outlines the concept of the displayed look.


link to e-comm allows users to select or deselect items from the featured look.


the zoom button (+) allows viewers to take a closer look at the proprietary fabrics.


image in zoom display.


nike supernatural was a multi-faceted project that entailed ideation, casting, a photo-shoot, motion capture, production, post, editing, coding and UI. all of these facets were conducted by ceft and company with a singular vision: to create movement that was beyond reality. you can view the microsite on nike inc. and interact with the book as users did on launch, page by page. view all work related to this project.