digital: nonprofit group genyouth foundation’s ios optimized website


genyouth foundation’s aim is to reduce childhood obesity across the united states. led by renowned news anchor alexis glick, the genyouth foundation website and its animated child-friendly content were created by the agency to welcome children, while providing serious and mindful content for the board of education and philanthropists alike.


our genyouth character holds his placard, providing pop-up facts that are the grim reminder of the problems at hand.


muted beige tones spring board the brighter colors, allowing them to showcase important items. a fine balance was reached with a bright palette without excessive use.


full social media channels were incorporated into the site, in order to allow users to share and spread the good word.


the interactive map was the highlight of the site, allowing viewers to see state-by-state the impact of obesity by percentage and what results were being reached on a day to day basis. view all work related to this project.