product/packaging design: revlon charlie eau-de-toilette packaging design

as part of the rebranding effort for revlon’s iconic fragrance charlie, ceft and company created the new packaging for the charlie eau-de-toilette range.

ceft and company created the idea of the “wisp” for the revlon packaging design revamp. the wisps were photographed and different wisps were assigned to each of the eau-de-toilette scents.

the tone-on-tone reiteration of the packs was introduced in the second phase of the project. the black-on-black being our favorite simply because it touches back to the brand’s heritage of a strong woman and charlie, doing things contrary to the expected norms.

the charlie pink, part of the core line, was redesign while maintaining the original color to insure consumer recognition on the shelves.

charlie chic eau-de-toilette in the tone-on-tone packaging

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