press: new packaging for the revlon charlie fragrances revives a classic featured in trendhunter


“in preparation for the relaunch of the revlon “charlie” perfume, the ‘ceft and company new york’ creative agency was put to the task of rebranding revlon’s iconic fragrance with fresh packaging.

when it first came out, the charlie brand was a frontrunner in fragrance. the cosmetics company is linked to many firsts in marketing, including being the first to feature an african american woman, as well as the first to depict a woman wearing pants. although the popularity of charlie has dwindled since it first came out, the brand’s spirit is still as strong as ever.

in its refreshed packaging, the charlie fragrances are represented as colorful essences in colors like hot pink, charcoal, red and peach. as the ceft and company new york describes, ‘the new packs look and feel like the very scents they contain.'” view all work related to this project.