case study: pepsi gatorade g-series pro product launch efforts tally near 120 million impressions in just a few weeks


ceft and company created this influencer event for pepsi’s g-series pro in new york for a select 75 guests; including those from the press elite, bloggers, and the world of professional sports. the agency turned georgio deluca’s (of dean & deluca) penthouse apartment into a pro-athlete’s dream pad, showcasing how for a pro, sports and life are inseparable. eli manning and ladainian tomlinson battled each other over a game of foosball, and diddy took the athletes route and climbed the eight floors of stairs in order to get to the party floor–and lived to tweet about it. from the event, more than 100 stories were generated, including MTV, the wall street journal and the ny times. this resulted in a reach of more than 92M impressions, followed by a viral video created by ceft and company with soccer star landon donavan that generated another 27 million impressions itself. view all work related to this project.