events: pepsi gatorade g-series pro launches event in new york city for athletes and influencers


the event and other efforts gathered 119 million impressions, 81 million of them just from the one night new york event design and produced by ceft and company.

ceft and company created this influencer event in new york for a select 75 guests–from the press elite, bloggers, and the world of professional sports. ceft and company turned georgio deluca’s (of dean & deluca) penthouse apartment into a pro-athlete’s dream pad, showcasing how for a pro, sports and life are inseparable. eli manning and ladainian tomlinson battled each other over a game of foosball, and diddy took the athletes route and climbed the eight floors of stairs in order to get to the party floor and lived to tweet about it. from the event, more than 100 stories were generated, including MTV, the wall street journal and the ny times. this resulted in a reach of more than 81 MM impressions, all in just 3 weeks.

ceft and company designed the event invites along with every other element associated to the event.

an athletes bed… complete with a pole vault.

75 guests were handpicked to participate in the very exclusive event at giorgio deluca’s apartment in tribeca, new york city.

the closet of a pro athlete ready for a photo-op. ceft and company incorporated many surreal elements, interpreting what the life of a pro-athlete might be.

eli manning and friend at the GSP pro event.

thunderdog studio’s tristan eaton, one of the original founders of kid robot, customized a giant “qee bear” sculpture live at the event. the sculpture had been sprayed a custom gloss black prior to the event by jeff koons finishing studios.

diddy crashed the event unexpectedly. MTV’s sway colloway who was there to cover the event interviewed him about “professionalism” and a bit of sports… see what diddy had to tweet about.

ceft and company creative director, ucef hanjani and DJ kiss.

NC-NY-10574-256 retouched

eli manning and ladainian tomlinson battled each other over a game of foosball.


the PRO-FES-SIO-NAL t-shirts designed by ceft and company and ALIFE were individually tagged by new york graffiti guru, dr.revolt, who’s name sits amongst the likes of keith haring, zephyr, and banksy as one of the top 10 taggers. dr revolt was also featured in the documentary film style wars.

the premise of the professional t’s: what kind of professional are you? a professional dreamer, professional peterpan, professional gold digger, professional baller or…?

no detail was spared. new york design group DDCLAB custom designed outfits for the crew and staff.

goody bags for the exclusive guests included sports inspired alife duffel kit designed exclusively for ceft and company and filled with gift cards, a signed footballs by eli manning and custom sportswear.

product performance pack sample gift box for athletes attendees.

“g-series pro” is pepsi-co’s unique energy drink formulated exclusively for pro athletes. grounded in years of hydration and sports nutrition research conducted by the GSSI institute, the line of products was available only to athletes on contract, until now. the launch event designed and produced by ceft and company introduced the product to the general public via influencers, media and the blogger-sphere. view all work related to this project.