press: nike be free featured on trend hunter


“nike ‘be free’ ad campaign really strikes a chord with its audience”.

“spring is a time to take flight and soar away from bad health, idleness, cold weather and more, so the nike be free ad campaign really strikes a cord with its audience. it features suspended sports models as they embrace this time to rejuvenate their bodies with top of the line gear and accessories.

photographed by their spring collection, the nike be free ad campaign seems inspired by denis darzacq’s past photo series in which street dancers fake falling. considering that he was one the photographers commissioned for this campaign, i’m not surprised. the campaign was conceived and produced by ceft and company new york.

the other photographer working on the nike be free ad campaign is none-other-than barnaby roper, whose work was recently covered on trend hunter as well. overall, the shoot is light, airy and full o promise.”

the nike be free campaign by¬†ceft and company new york is featured here on ‘trendhunter,’ a popular visual blog with over 60 million monthly page views. ‘trendhunter’ focuses on everything from fashion, to business, to photography. blogger meghan young discusses the importance of the spring/summer campaign, and how it inspires women to “rejuvenate their bodies” with uplifting apparel and attitudes. view all work related to this project.