product/package design: Joto Sake, where manga hits the kicker

joto sake ceft andcompany packaging design

product packaging design for joto sake by ceft and company. wrapped in traditional japanese paper and printed with the characteristic joto sake manga characters. available in two sizes, a standardized 75ml sake bottle for in-home use, and a smaller two-person sized sharing package for on-premise use.

sake packaging design new york

joto sake packaging comes in a uniquely designed plastic container held together by a reusable red rubber wrist-band.

japanese sake packaging design

the wrist-band serves as word-of-mouth marketing tool, as well as a keepsake courtesy of your friends at joto.

snowboard drink packaging design

the on-premise pack comes with a tear-off aluminum lid, making the shareable sake suitable to be served at any location.

snowboard packaging design sake

joto sake aims to introduce young americans to the world of sake through the aspirational lifestyle of manga animation and snowboard culture.

snowboard event design sake

with inspiration from contemporary japanese youth culture and manga animation, the agency created a sharing drink-pack aimed at the extreme-sports audience. the joto sake cubes come in two sizes, one wrapped in traditional japanese paper and the other printed with the characteristic joto sake manga design. the inspiration of the packaging comes from joto sakes ingenious marketing plan and strategy. the strategy and positing is further explained in joto related posts here. view all work related to joto sake.