product/packaging design: revlon charlie tone-on-tone body fragrances

as part of the rebranding effort for revlon’s iconic fragrance charlie, ceft and company assisted in the naming of the new products, as well as the design of the new packaging range.

charlie “electric blue” – naming by ceft and company

for phase II of packaging work for revlon we created a range of 12 body sprays and 4 eaux de toilette (see EDT work here) in various colors and scents….

the existing charlie black scent redesign by ceft and company

the “wisp” theme that ceft and company created for revlon remained in place, in addition to the introduction of the tone-on-tone color application, shown here with black on black for the charlie black.

the organization of the elements on the BoP (back of pack), including the slew of mandatories, is something that the agency team took pride in designing. beautifully arranged, the elements fit together neatly like a puzzle…

the agency recommendation to introduce and place a layering strategy on the BoP is shown here.

the layering icon was placed on all the newly redesigned charlie body fragrances. this was done to promote customization and help boost return customers and multi-purchase behaviors by offering purpose and benefit.

based on the agency recommendation, revlon incorporated short quotes, written by the agency, on the back of each pack. each quote, crafted separately for each scent, played into the charlie’s heritage of a confident and witty woman…

for charlie chic the quote on the BoP reads: “a bad girl is just a good girl with style” – charlie

charlie red

charlie edge

for charlie edge the quote on the BoP reads: “give me a bridge to cross, and i’ll cross it in heels” – charlie

charlie body fragrances when displayed with the matching SRP (shelf-ready-packaging). seemingly obvious and simple but no so… read about the SRP story here.

charlie touch

for charlie touch the quote on the back of pack reads: “confidence cannot be bought, just worn proudly” – charlie

and the EDT matching packaging in charlie touch, black, pink and chic…

charlie enchant

the organization of the elements on the BoP were beautifully arranged so that the elements fit together neatly like a puzzle…

charlie pink

for charlie pink the quote on the back of pack reads: “dream big… and don’t ever forget your lipstick” – charlie

above charlie divine, and below charlie daydream – naming by ceft and company

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