product/package design: WHBM workkit modular “big box”

coco rocha-whbm workkit box advertisinghere at ceft and company we believe that with a solid campaign idea, and a multi-disciplinary agency like ours, each and every touch-point of the brand can become a piece of communication.

white house black market packaging design whbm

work-kit is a line of fashion work-wear created by white house black market. what is unique about the line is that all the pieces work seamlessly together. meaning, you can mix any top from the collection with any bottom and make it look like a set, with corresponding buttons and all…

whbm gift box design agency

take the simple idea of an in-store packaging/box. with workkit’s “modular” work-wear system, the store packaging is transformed into a solid piece of communication, further expressing the modular idea behind the workkit line.

white house black market workkit box packaging

buyers could choose the white house black market’s “big box” for a fixed price of $999. they could then fill it up with up to 5 dress shirts from the line (normally $80-100), one suite jacket (normally $150-200), 2 bottoms skirts/pants (normally $80-100), one pair of shoes (normally $130-150), and 3 accessories (glasses $50-100, wallets $80-125, gloves $50-80). creating a whole weeks wardrobe that mixes and matches seamlessly.

this “promotional + communication” idea was intended for the holidays and during may’s graduation season, giving moms, big sisters and dads, the option to give a “big gift” that not only makes you look great at work, but also simplifies any modern working girls week day, allowing her to focus on much bigger things… like conquering the world, or picking a
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