product/package design: revlon’s charlie fragrance limited edition packaging proposal for relaunch

to revitalize revlon’s iconic fragrance brand, charlie, ceft and company proposed going back to the brand’s fragrance DNA and partnering up with a renowned fragrance designer to bring credibility back to the brand. the launch would begin with the creation of a limited edition perfume in order to generate press, and eventually use as guide to inspire the rest of the range. the fragrance brief required an iconic, modern, and empowering proprietary scent to fill this dense, bold, yet minimal bottle. made of heavy acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate (ATH) the fragrance is enclosed inside the bottle’s glass-cavity and topped off by a fabric-wrapped heavy steel cap.

the new updated charlie logo, designed by ceft and company, is engraved on the outer shell creating a tone-on-tone appearance. the limited edition perfume will be sold through select high street shops in london.

from there, the body spray packaging, currently occupying existing canisters, will be phased out and replaced by the above custom molded spray blocks. delivered in soft touch, matte white finish, with rubberized actuators, the body sprays will boldly display the revised charlie logo as it wraps around the symmetrical pillar blocks. what is unique about this design is that once displayed on the busy store shelves, the cans can be placed side by side to create a trio, displaying the logo larger than any other product on the shelf.

similar to the body spray packaging, the lower priced EDT’s will replace the current line and will display the logo in a bold new fashion.

rearranged, jumbled up, the packaging communicates an “alternative” option to the drab landscape associated to the mass fragrance market, allowing charlie to once again reestablish itself as the one accessible fragrance brand that is different and miles above the rest.

the mass produced EDT bottles for general market consumption references the limited edition bottles silhouette, gaining a hallow effect from the publicity put behind the limited edition, yet utilize standard material and manufacturing processes to keep the cost and expenses in check. view all work for revlon.