collateral: richemont – ralph lauren stirrup watch announcement and press kit



ralph lauren and richemont embarked on the production of their premium luxury watches with the formation of the ralph lauren watch and jewelry company, S.A.R.L. based in geneva, switzerland. the joint enterprise was to rival the likes of patek philippe, audemars piguet, blancpain, breguet, jaeger-lecoultre, vacheron constantin, and rolex. with premium movements from jaeger-lecoultre in the stirrup chronograph and ralph lauren’s timeless designs, the results were nothing but breathtaking. the extraordinary timepieces were the basis of this launch press-kit designed by ceft and company new york. it may be valuable to add that during that time, ceft and company was one of the very few agencies outside of ralph lauren’s internal team to work with the company.

ceft-and-company-ralph-lauren-stirrup-luxury-watch-collection-08 copyceft-and-company-ralph-lauren-stirrup-luxury-watch-collection-05ceft-and-company-ralph-lauren-stirrup-luxury-watch-collection-21

one of the more impressive proposals by ceft and company was the creation of a 110 page custom die cut, showcasing the movements of the watch layer by layer. this allowed the viewer to peer into the heart of these extraordinary timepieces, page by page. no luxury watch advertising agency or media budget could possibly have delivered the impact of such a display of detail.


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