the ever present lions standing watch at châteaus and suburban homes alike.

two lovely boys with ill-fitting suits on the wall of château-de-voisins.

 silver maserati-quattroporte.

glen luchford in his standard bedtime garb.

photographer glen luchford, art buyer producer and the amazingly lovely catherine mahe of 133 along with set designer jean-hugues de chatillon.

model eugenia volodina on the set of the salvatore ferragamo campaign.

model eugenia volodina stepping out of the maserati-quattroporte which was not our first choice as the car to be photographed (our wish was for a taller, more vintage model, but this one had to do).

ceft and company’s creative director ucef hanjani with salvatore ferragamo’s fashion director natalie gervais.

photographer craig mcdean’s wife and stylist tabitha simmons.

backstage visuals from the creation of the salvatore ferragamo global campaign photographed by glen luchford and art directed by ceft and company’s creative director ucef hanjani. model eugenia volodina was chosen to represent the line, which was photographed at the château-de-voisins outside of paris with the help of set designer jean-hugues de chatillon. view all work related to this project.