beauty / fragrances: “stranger than paradise” 3/3 instagram campaign for salon des alt

ceft and company created this visual campaign consisting of 26 short 5-second clips, intended for digital billboards, instagram channel stories, and highlights. the idea was to draw attention by creating unexpected clips that felt “produced” and worthy of viewing without them being too costly… the end goal was to create show-stopping clips that encourage re-posting and sharing.

beauty clips: “disconnect”

the film clips are shown here in 3 screens in-a-row

“a cosmic force”

the work was conceived over a few weeks of ideation and planning, but filmed in just a single day. this was followed by post work in editing, color correction and finally completed with sound effects an original music track created via the agency and its partners.

see all the content created for this campaign back-to-back with music in this compilation video above

“rosebud – 1941”


“new animism”


“power of calm”


as each project is fine tuned and created to the specification and needs of every brief and client, no two projects will be the same. but we are proud of each and every piece of communication crafted here at ceft and company. view all work for “stranger than paradise” here. we hope you enjoyed seeing the process. view all work for social media.