strategy/positioning: joto sake for snowboarders

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surely you have come in contact with sake. perhaps at your local sushi bar? or a japanese friends home? but sake is not for everyone or every occasion… or is it?

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joto sake, a U.S. based bespoke sake distributor, aims to introduce sake to a new, younger audience. research shows that between 2007 and 2012, beer consumption plummeted by 4% while spirits have increased by 13.3% and wine by 9%.

the U.S. sake market accounts for about 2.5 million cases worth of sales, while tequila for example sits comfortably at 13.8 million cases. the strategy for “joto sake” was to tap into this bigger market by fusing relevant aspects of japanese culture with its western counterparts. by doing so, joto will be providing a new and alternative option that is competitively priced, reassuringly exclusive, and much more fun to drink.

snowboard packaging design sake

starting out in the snowboard and ski culture, we aimed to bring a bit of sake tradition, and yet mix in some relevant and contemporary cues. the joto on-premise packaging was designed after the traditional japanese hinoki wooden cups, but using modern molding techniques and material that was imprinted with manga animation.

joto sake snowboard manga packaging design

once together, the cubes also sit equally well next to the classic shape of a lift gondola here imprinted with the same branded graphics.

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the on-premise double packs are served as 2 shots at a time. one for you and one to introduce your friend to.

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the cups, sealed by tear-off lids, are held together by a red rubber wristband that is, in reality, a keepsake courtesy of your friends at joto.

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the wristband not only serves to secure the cups in transport, but also as a word-of-mouth marketing tool.

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the product launch will be aimed at ski/snowboard resorts throughout the U.S. as the media focus will be on competitive events, after ski venues, and on-slope branding.

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critical to the product launch was the exclusive packaging design created by ceft and company for joto sake, bringing a sense of ease and a casual-contemporary vibe to how, joto sake specifically, is to be consumed. this is bound to change the way you sake. view all work related to joto sake.