press: covers net-a-porter beauty event by ceft and company

“i was defying gravity… i got some good shots after a few attempts… and the pictures seemed to be a hit on… social media channels”

above image contributor scott lipps, with ceft and company’s creative director and co founder ucef hanjani at the net-a-porter event.

scott lipps wrote: “in this day and age of social media massively consuming our lives, which is going to emerge as the winner for brands—social media marketing or traditional print ads (or both)? when an ad executive invited me to take part in the optical illusion that was the net-a-porter upside room the other day, of course i had to see what all the fuss was about…”

“now why didn’t i think of this?”

“first off, i can tell you, taking a picture in an upside-down set ‘room’ to make it look like you are actually on the ceiling is a bit trickier than it seems. i don’t have my flowing locks of years gone by, so the long-hair gravity trick wasn’t going to work, and i had to check the onscreen image a few times to make sure i was positioned the right way and that it seemed like i was defying gravity. nonetheless, i got some good shots after a few attempts. and the pictures seemed to be a hit on instagram and other social media channels (at a cost that’s less than a traditional print ad). then the figures came in. an outstanding number of more than 13 million impressions over just three days made this net-a-porter experience go viral. now why didn’t i think of this? these days, advertising is taking a whole new turn; just get me on the train. i like where all this is heading…” view all work related to this project.