product design: katla limited edition sustainable apparel collaboration

áfram með smjörið (on with the butter) hoodie

katla is a sustainable and fully traceable fashion brand routed in iceland and manufactured in the united states, using organic and mindful materials.


in collaboration with katla, ceft and company designed a limited edition launch hoodie produced in limited numbers. only 100 original units were produced in the first run.

áfram með smjörið  (on with the butter)

the idea for the hoodie came from katla’s icelandic heritage and its action oriented roots. researching icelandic proverbs, ceft and company came upon a well known icelandic saying: áfram með smjörið or on with the butter, which expresses an urgency to “get on with the work” or “to get things done”. a rather apt key messaging piece in the launch of this ethical brand.

# KF 052

in addition to the graphic hoodie design, two patches were designed originally for the LE hoodie, and later used across several garments. printed on unbleached cotton and proudly top-stitched to the left sleeve of this hoodie. one patch stating the katla force emblem and specific tracking number (KF052) assigned to each individual garment along with the fire/ice inspired logomark designed by the agency, and the other patch a QR code. the QR code takes the user to a webpage where the sourcing of the material and the ethical manufacturing of that specific garment can be tracked.

order this hoodie, and other design variations of the katla hoodie on the katla-ecomm site. $220-$180.

the multi-purpose garment hangtags (above) designed by ceft and company double as a social media tool. see the full story behind the hangtag here.

for katla, ceft and company designed the logo, identity, typography, brand elements, packaging, labels, hangtags, integrated social media effort, digital consulting, as well as the above hoodie. more to come. view all work related to this project. visit to learn more about the brand and to support a new force in fashion.