social media: timberland instagram ‘brand world’ reboot

timberland is an incredibly iconic U.S. brand with roots in music, street wear, and urban culture not to mention their functional durability which makes them one of the leading footwear brands in the world.

ceft and company’s engagement with the brand runs deep, from consultations on digital work to production of content and music for the brands marketing needs that covers imagery for their retail stores, outdoor advertising, social media content, website and e-commerce.

part of the agency contribution to the brand was to reboot the “timberland brand world”.

the type of imagery, the feel of the settings, the casting of the talent and ambassadors and most importantly the styling of the apparel and footwear.

this set a new tone that is much more “current” and in tune with the brands reality from the consumer’s point of view.

it was critical that the visual world we re-created was “genuine and true”. styled the way the brand is actually utilized by not just the youth culture, but those of any age – that celebrate individuality.

while the past work was adequate to show the product, it massively lacked the sense of current cultural waves and a sense of inclusive community that existed in the real world of timberland.

our work has included 2 years, and dozens of photo shoots of content creation to date, and the difference, while subtle, has had a great impact on the perception of the brand.

casting individuals with genuine personality was perhaps the most exciting part of the exercise, and it was critical to allow each to shine in their own way…

borrowing ideas from each of the characters, we were able to accumulate a series of examples of how the brand is embraced in the current cultural landscape.

adding a bit of grit and “edge” to the brands visual world was key in bringing it closer to its core DNA of workwear that is made for life…

as one of timberland’s creative agencies, ceft and company’s most important contribution was the casting and the styling for the overall feel of the brand world we help create. working with our trusted partners, the agency handled the locations scouting, shoot production, crew assembly, casting, editing of the many films, color and the post production of the creative work. view all work for timberland.