ceft and company is excited to share some of our latest work created for timberland.

timberland’s DNA is rooted in workwear, the great outdoors, all-weather condition gear, and lets not forget the urban love affair with “timbs yellow boots”. there was a desire to carve a specific sector that separated timberland visually from the north face, supreme, patagonia, carhartt, arcteryx, dickies, filson and the like.

timberland is the brand for those who go out: out side / out there / out doors

from city dwellers who find solace in nature, to doers who get “things” done. this is the pinnacle expression of a brand that is youthful, with plenty of attitude, energy, and compassion for the world we inhabit…

…and ultimately for what is real.

imperfection and honesty, without the common facade…

we brought genuine styling rooted in urban culture and life as we know it in ny in general…

we love “individuals”…  all inclusive – all accepting – all real

we wear functional clothing – not fashion

we are timberland: the original since 1973

as one of timberland’s creative agencies, ceft and company’s most important contribution was the casting and the styling for the overall feel of the visuals that set the brand apart… however that was not all, to get things to become a certain way, every step and every ingredient comes into play. working with our trusted partners the agency handled the locations scouting, shoot production, crew assembly, casting, editing, color and the post production with a fully supportive client from the top management down. keep an eye out for more to come. view all work for timberland.