press: gerald forster photographs ucef hanjani in the new yorker


“german photographer/director, gerald forster, visits the homes of new york city’s most notible creatives, capturing the place where they are their most imaginative. forster photographs the homes of the founders of reknown brands like: le labo, ceft and company new york, rush communications, threeASFOUR and WSJ magazine, to name a few… ucef hanjani, co-founder and executive creative director of ceft and company new york and the fashion photographer karen collins and their twin daughters. photos gerald forster”

ucef-hanjani-ceft-and-company-nyc“ceft and company was created in 2003. It was conceived as a creative lab structured to solve communication and marketing challenges without the limits imposed by preconceived mediums that generally limit traditional agencies. Their philosophy has always been that the solution should dictate the medium. Building upon that, ceft and company, by design, was created notto be an advertising agency, nor a product design firm, nor a digital agency, nor an event agency; yet, they have provided all of that and more when relevant.”