events: lebooks virtual event design for 2021 europe

lebook virtual event design

good things can come out of adversities… when COVID19 started ceft and company focused its efforts on digital, packaging and design projects. while we produced several film and photo shoots, with remote client access, and massive safety and covid measures on set, the bulk of our work in 2020 was focused on digital and design.

ceft and company teamed up with lebook and steelworks to create the digital visual experience of the first “virtual connections event” for europe and the united states.

the project had strict time and budget limitations… but that did not stop us form creating a n exciting, and design driven atmosphere that was aligned with what lebooks audience had come to expect of the brand. as always for us, custom tailoring our work to the projects DNA, is at the core of our process.

the “welcome desk” at the lebook virtual event as envisioned by ceft and company.

virtual chats and video conferencing was enabled along with information and downloads for the visitors to guide them through the event.

simple navigation tools were used to simplify and keep the project on time and on budget.

in lebooks corporate trade show, the “talks” portion of the event had to be conducted virtually. for this section of the space, an auditorium was created that allowed users to either play a pre-recorded event or join in via zoom to hear the talks and engage in the group discussions.

the “talks” guests were gathered via zoom which was incorporated into the platform due to its familiarity and its wide use, while seamlessly appearing in the auditorium for the event participants.

each of the 4 rooms held up to 16 participant booths.

each room displayed a birds eye view of the exhibitors for easy navigation.

inside the booths, each exhibitor was allowed to upload their own avatars and create custom content within their pods.

video, still images and pdf info documents where accessible via the library and the video screens in each booth.

interaction in all its forms… safely and with adequate distance from across the globe this virtual event allowed lebook to continue their connections events in some of the darkest times of our history. innovation is at the heart of every solution in tackling the challenges that life throws at us. we are lucky to enjoy what we do and put thought care and strategy in every creative project we take on. view all work for events.