product design: Wardements + ceft limited edition apparel collaboration

the “we are all illegal immigrants” hoodie for wardements by ceft and company.

conception and design proposals for wardements f/w collection in consultation with designer ward stegerhoek. the line included a range of hoodies, jackets, parkas, beanies, sweaters and jumpers. wardements, the brain child of ward stegerhoek, is recognized for its witty street mindset and fashion, mixing the high and low, the kitch and the serious. this is ceft and company’s second collaboration with wardements and we wish this new brand great success.

sexy and powerful. above, the ceft and company designed sweatshirt “fight like a girl”

ward starts his own movement with the “all lies matter” hoodie designed by ceft and company

ceft and company designed  “safe word” hoodie pictured above, was inspired by the current political atmosphere… where nothing is safe anymore.

“kill your idols, make new ones” punks, who hate punks, are the real punks!

ward says “if you can’t convince them, confuse them” hoodie above pulls inspo from the american flag.

ward demands some attention with his anarchy inspired W and the words : “warning: determined, equally qualified, equally paid, bitch inside”.

no means no! the ceft and company designed sweatshirt “no, non, nein, nyet” shown above.

ward’s lips are sealed, but we heard him. “freedom to impeach” tee’s by ceft and company

“(S)he said”

stay protected with the “all lies matter” army parka

for ward everything is for grabs… “soft and hard” army sweater

wardements + v magazine + inez & vinoodh limited edition 3D glasses inspired beanie designed by ceft and company for the v magazine pop up event for new york fashion week.

sweatshirt design, an ode to the clash and the jam, two of our favorite bands.

ceft and company designed a denim jacket, we do not expect ward and wardements to slow down anytime soon as new collaborations are in the works with kangol, selima optics and diana broussard, stay tuned. view all work for wardements.