digital: website design and development for seed


seed began as photography resource that introduced and fostered new and flourishing talent from around the world.

ceft and company new york was commissioned to design and develop the website from naming and identity to design, and finally code and launch.

the website was designed to be slick and simple with a powerful rotating engine at its heart that generated randomized, sprouting foliage that turned into each photographer’s name.

once a photographer’s name is clicked on, the work begins to appear and circulate around the central core in a steady pace that can be sped up or down.

clicking on any thumb generates a high resolution image to the right, allowing the user to quickly select and view images they choose to inspect in more detail. this is done without ever losing sight of the size of the portfolio, and what lies ahead or before it.

the identity and collateral work won the prestigious gold at the graphis international annual awards, and the the collection of work created for seed by the agency was reprinted in publications in US, japan, and china.


the website in its original flash form can be viewed from our servers here. you can review the complete naming and corporate identity work in the related sections of our website, or click on this link to view all related work to this project.