BTS: whbm the heart of workwear behind the scenes images featuring ellen von unwerth and coco rocha

rehearsal with choreographer john byrne, director ellen von unwerth, WHBM’s sandra ranke and ceft and company’s creative director ucef hanjani

carolina pimenta from ceft and company

even choreographers have to eat.  model coco rocha, choreographer john byrne and purdie baumann

 make-up artist lisa houghton with ucef hanjani

stylist sarah ellison

 molly mcmullin, coco rocha and ucef hanjani

sandra ranke VP – WHBM

ellen von unwerth and ucef hanjani

sarah ellison, sandra ranke and ucef hanjani

we are all very excited with the end result of our collective efforts with such a great team. view all work related to this project.