digital: modular e-commerce website for white house black market


work-kit is a line of fashion work wear created by white house black market. what is unique about the line is that all the pieces work seamlessly together. meaning, you can mix any top from the collection with any bottom and make it look like a set, with corresponding buttons and all… the modern working girl can now purchase a jacket, a skirt, a pair of pants and 3 shirts and look fresh and new 5 days a week, week after week… this is just one way how we simplify your life, because you have more important things to think about than what to wear to work.

to augment the work-kit television commercials, created and produced by ceft and company, the agency proposed auxiliary ideas that drive-home the brand message of “modular work wear”.


by visually incorporating this message into the main e-comm site (above), as-well-as a mobile app, we created an interactive, fun, shopping-experience that allows easy visualization of not only the looks, but also the modular idea behind the work-kit line of fashion wear.


after a brief animation, the user is faced with one of the most popular curated looks.

whbm web page design app

the user can at that point select any one of the pieces on the collection rack and simply drag and drop the piece into the suggested look to alter and create their ideal work outfit.

the results speak for themselves. this was just one of the many ways the idea behind the advertising campaign could be implemented in other touch point of the brand. the same idea was also implemented in the e-com site proposal. the agency also made efforts to create strategic packaging that not only looked premium but also played a role in communicating the brand message of modularity and bringing simplicity in the life of today’s working women. view all work for white house black market.