case study: white house black market coco rocha tap dance commercial

ceft and company collaborated with fashion retailer white house black market for a span of approximately 14 months, producing three television spots. the spots proved to be successful for the company, boosting traffic to their stores and creating brand recognition in the industry. the company’s stock skyrocketed within 12 months of partnership, and while not all credit can ever be allocated to advertising or any one area, the work surely effected buyer confidence. below is a visual study of accounts in this partnership:


above are the youtube views after just one week following the spots’ air date.


above: views on youtube almost doubled in the second week.

and what can you make of 360K views? is that good? maybe great? it depends on the brand, and its past performance to judge such a result… a valid question to ask is, what is the benefit of having an agency? what is the point of having an entity that focuses on the art of communication when you have great fashion directors and photographers to work with directly? the answer is, there are no benefits if you are considering traditional agencies. on the other hand, there are many benefits, especially when you have marketing expertise and creative insight combined. the above numbers display the results of traffic (on youtube alone, not accounting purchased media results) comparing views on white house black market’s tv spot produced directly with a respected director on the left compared to the one on right, in collaboration with ceft and company. note: the numbers are for the duration of 52 weeks on the left (client) compared to 2 weeks on the right (client + agency).


combined views for the 3 spots produced by ceft and company on the web alone topped 1 million in 14 months (april 2012-june 2013).

monthly activity on social media channels such as facebook spiked. above: january 2012 before the campaign launch, and march and october respectively during the launch of spot 1 and 2.

above and on the left: total combined views of all WHBM video on the clients channel in 3 years totaling 15K. on the right the first video in collaboration with ceft and company totaling 360K in just 2 weeks.

company stocks in Q3 climbed 57.4% within 12 months of partnership.

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