editorial: Anti Graffiti with photographer Tony Hamboussi

in the process of ideation for the “street issue” of our magazine, there was discussion around which prominent graffiti artists in new york we should cover. the idea was apt, but rather cliche especially for an issue on such a topic. after long afternoons over coffee and research we settled on the idea of photographing walls where graffiti once existed. the result was a curious and rather beautiful patch work of new york walls where “care takers” had half-heatedly matched existing wall colors to “the best they could”. it was a subtle study of what once lived beneath the coverings, but also a statement of what “appealing” meant to a society we all occupy. the story, to its rightful audience, become much more than a than a simple visual documentation, but rather a statement that no graffiti could beat. view all work for editorial / art direction.