product/package design: comme des garcons perfume for the synthetic series


“…to design for any brand, one should first and foremost understand and know the brand intimately.” – ucef hanjani ceft and company creative director.

rei kawakubo and her company, commes des garçon, have fiercely challenged convention at every turn. their “products” bear almost no relation to those of other designers, and are almost never influenced by other fashion eras. in the words of those close to her, all she ever wanted was to “make clothes that nobody has ever seen. she searched for extreme beauty.”


in 2004, comme des garçons once again declared war on natural components and launched the next series of anti-perfumes, series 6 synthetic. the smells of a big city are captured in a transparent plastic bottle in which you can observe a garbage bag. “everyone finds something familiar, and even dear, in it, just as we like the strange smells of our childhood.”


extreme beauty: this prototype was created as commentary on the synthetic and prosthetic world that surrounds us.


the fragrance vessel is skinned with a matte synthetic rubber membrane that feels natural to touch. it has a considerable weight, thanks to the gel-filled silicone interior that not only houses but also protects the fragrance “gland” inside housed in a thin-insulate casing. the object transforms and changes shape in your hand and settles into a flat pouch once placed on a hard surface. the actuator resides under the skin coating and is sensitive to pressure, which releases the perfume at the touch of a finger.


while this perfume may not be for everyone, it is surely made for those who appreciate comme des garçons and their relentless efforts to question and analyze our times and our place in culture.