advertising: hennessy cognac campaign 1

“wants a commitment. wants a creme brulee. appropriately complex. hennessy cognac.”


“loves oliver. loves oliver. appropriately complex. hennessy cognac.”


this campaign was created based on the tagline “appropriately complex” which embodied the complicated processes and layered aromas of eau-de-vies in an aged cognac such as hennessy. the visual advertising campaign revolved around social settings that also embodied complex characters and situations. the ads aimed to show how those who drink such a complex and layered drink also exude similar characteristics themselves. ultimately, the aim was to present interesting personalities and scenarios that were appropriately complex and in tune with the brand’s DNA. the campaign ran for over 3 years and helped put hennessy at the top of the market share. the campaign remains a case study and the gold standard for cognac marketing, emulated in later years by brands like courvoisier, rémy martin, and martell.

“african american. african. appropriately complex. hennessy cognac.”

“designer. architect. demolition expert. appropriately complex. hennessy cognac.”

third page media inserts (above left) accompanied key ads with appropriate cocktail recipes to encourage experimentation

promotional coasters for hennessy cognac

“scorpio. gemini. appropriately complex. hennessy cognac.”

here you can view all work related to this project. this wine and liquor advertising campaign was produced under the direction of ucef hanjani, as creative director and art director, at kirshenbaum bond and partners in new york.