collateral: ohio 65 objects for the unsettled

there are few projects more fun than those for friends and family. ohio 65 is the brainchild of our dear friend brent haas, international hair stylist, founder of space project and ex-creative director of architects and heroes. ohio 65 was haas’ answer to the overcrowded and financially-polluted world of products. back to the basics with a touch of not paris, or new york, but ohio. if the business card design featuring hand-sewn hemp thread and scented hinoki wood notepads don’t set the stage, what would?

this is no ordinary notepad. it’s designed for the man/woman with the luxury of time to take their own notes.

“object for the unsettled”


ohio 65 burning cards.

promotional tote bag: if ohio is 65… clearly 64 and 66 will not do. there is only one, and that’s 65. bags sold in sets of three. swap daily, and be ready to answer questions.

t-shirts sold in sets of three. change daily and until confronted. objects for the unsettled.

the work for ohio 65 continues in the creation of objects and ideas that defy “products”. each piece is intended to force or confront their possessors with an experience that makes one ponder the passing of time, and the reasons in which “makes us all such consumers”. view all work related to this project.