product/package design: body fragrance packaging design for revlon’s iconic brand charlie

iconic charlie red… one of the original scents launched by revlon here in its new “wisp design” packaging.

charlie is one of revlon’s most iconic fragrance brands, which made waves upon its original launch back in 1973. ceft and company was engaged in an effort to update the brand image, starting with the product packaging. the agency was tasked with the creation of a cohesively designed product range that took into account the current production guidelines.

crowded environments demand simplicity in order to stand out.

on-shelf impact was optimized by the simple-yet-bold display of the brand logo on the SRP’s. the design elegantly covered the branding on the cans, allowing the SRP to do its job without interference.

the production retained the same six color printing plates used on previous packaging design to avoid additional expenditure.


based on research conducted in various markets that revealed how users layered the light scents to create their own top and bottom notes, the agency created and recommended the “layering system” displayed on the back of packs. the system offers the best two combination scents based on recommendations from revlon’s perfumers.

four unique directions were presented and tested in key markets by revlon. the winner was the “scented wisp” design. it was chosen as the interim packaging alternative while long term relaunch plans were being discussed. the “wisp design” allowed charlie to project a visual cue, evoking a sense of aroma and scent dispersion. combined with various hues, the colors influenced the viewers perception of their scent composition, lighter for more floral and citrus, and darker for oriental and wood.

the new design translated seamlessly from body fragrance to the eau de toilettes, you can see the range of eau de toilettes here.

“perfumed deodorant body spray” was changed to “body fragrance”.

every detail, including the language on the packaging, was thought through. there were elements of changing, adding, removing what was unnecessary and simplifying the elements to create a premium looking product. the dated logo was redesigned, however as a transitional stage, it was mutually agreed to retain the original logo with minor modifications. “perfumed deodorant body spray” was changed to “body fragrance”. in the absence of advertising efforts, brand personality was injected through custom quotes generated by the agency.

while adhering to the legal requirements of various countries, the agency simplified and reorganized the back of packs. unlike most designs, the backs do not simply contain information, but are beautifully organized like pieces of a puzzle. ucef hanjani, the agency’s founder and executive creative director states, “the spine and back of a book is often more important than the cover of a book. this is what the consumer sees upon inspection, and here is where one can judge if the product was worthy of care and love”. likewise, the back of pack design tells more about the product and attention to detail than the front of pack.

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