press: nike warrior mask featured in innovative promotions that work


“think about what makes you pick up something and open it. the draw is obscurity and mystery, where you become curious and want to discover what’s inside.” – ucef hanjani, ceft & company.


ceft & company was asked to develop an eye-catching press kit for a new line of apparel called Nike Pro Performance, gear that professional athletes wear under their suits to keep cool and dry. The kit had to work in tandem with the warrior theme developed for the campaign’s broadcast communications.

the press kit was hand-delivered to the general media to create awareness of the new line of apparel. a total of 100 kits were created, each individually numbered.

the design was based on the premise that athletes, like warriors, create something powerful and timeless, ceft & company looked toward historical references for inspiration. the mask, with its ability to protect and ward of enemies, became the primary element of communication in this promotional ensemble. with a slightly modern twist, the final look was based on warrior masks and asia and africa.

the fiercest competitors put their game face on and suit up with nike pro.

the press kit was quite successful, obtaining valuable air time from major broadcast stations such as ESPN, fox news, and CNBC. the striking kit also captured the attention of prominent print media; the new york times and the chicago tribute both ran pieces.

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