product/package design: revlon’s charlie holiday gift packaging


1- the metallic silver base-coat, revealed above on the edge band, was altered by a touch plate of 5% white and matte aqueous costing, to create a slightly less reflective and more of a matte “pewter-y” finish.

charlie by revlon is one of the most historic and iconic brands in the world of fragrance. ceft and company has been working together with revlon in relaunching the brand that had its origin from the early 70s. noted for changing the industry and focusing on the modern-day strong woman, charlie was the first fragrance brand to show a woman wearing pants and using the first african american model in their 1973 campaign.




as part of the relaunch campaign, ceft and company designed the eau de toilettes, body fragrances and gift packs for charlie’s launch into the south african and british market. here are the limited time gift packs created specifically for the holiday season, containing a combination of product choices, each color coated, to choose from.


charlie black was the embodiment of charlie: strong, elegant and understated. young, working women were set as the target audience, and the ads were said to represent the “new woman” of the era. this was our favorite in the range, and is sure to attract a certain type of woman who is fearless and confident.

ceft-and-company-revlon-charlie-black-fragrance-gift pack-design-2014

2- inside: based on conducted research and ceft and company’s marketing suggestions, layering recommendation were placed on the inside of each gift pack. after consulting with perfumers users were encouraged to mix certain scents with others to create their customized top and base notes. the icons created on the pack are also placed on all ceft and company’s newly redesigned charlie body fragrances. this was done to promote customization and help boost return customers, and multi-purchase behaviors by offering purpose and benefit.



3- the redesigned gift packs daringly placed the cellophane opening window on the back of pack, leaving the front of pack as a clean billboard to not only stand out on the busy market shelves, but to double up as “pre-gift-wrapped” box ready for gifting. a thin charlie ribbon was embossed and hit with matte varnish, creating a premium feel with-in the cost confines of the production and the chosen stock.

revlon-charlie body-spray-close-up-gift pack-design-ceft-and-company

4- the large production numbers limited our choices of the paper stock. in order to create a premium feeling, with out incurring massive costs, we manipulated the paper stock by embossing a subtle herringbone pattern on the surface that reflected the light just so… giving an illusion of a velvety soft material. this was applied to all gift packs and eau de toilet cartons designed by ceft and company.


inside: charlie pink body fragrance, charlie red body fragrance and revlon cherries in the snow nail enamel.



the agency created lead-in copy on the back of pack for each scent, rather than leaving it to legal and ingredient data.




inside: containing 4 choices of charlie’s smaller 50ml body fragrances and intended as a sampler, and a perfect stocking filler.


5- layering strategy copy inside each gift pack, intended to help increase repeat-sales. more specific instructions on layering was placed on all body fragrance BOP’s designs by ceft an company: “did you know you can layer charlie body sprays to create a more personal scent? read the back of your body fragrance to find out our perfumer’s recommendation, or experiment to create your own layered scent.”




a total of 7 gift packs were created for the year including 1 x charlie black, 1 x pink (seen above), 3 x variations of red,  1 x ruby containing “cherries in the snow” nail polish, and 1 x purple stocking filler.



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